Bill Bolton works for the prosperity of all citizens using these main ideas:

Job Competition - Job competition provides the citizen opportunities to be humble and to listen, work hard, self-educate, and see if their boss might provide Georgia training reimbursement programs for workers.  

REIT Creation - A REIT, or Real Estate Investment Trust, is a company that owns or finances income-producing real estate. They are a great way to encourage all citizens to become property owners and invest in their long-term financial futures.

House Sharing Laws - When a family's income becomes insufficient to support the family's needs, especially housing needs, the family needs to move in with other families. The REIT system provides a way for families to buy into a house while providing the sharing of that house to live in. Changes in law may be needed to assist the REIT and the families to share.  

Past records purged --  We should purge the records of some acts.  

I am Running for Georgia House Seat 37 -- - When a family needs help I will be helping investors, bankers, and other families grow in helping those families.

Work Requirement for Food Stamps - This opinion article from he The Newnan Times-Herald argues in favor of the new rule requiring employment to receive food stamps. Enacted in 21 counties, it kicks in if unemployment is below the national average for two years in a row.

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